A brief set of online resources for hobby and Eurogames to accompany the Institute for Learning in Retirementcourse at Miami Universityin Spring 2018.

Where to learn about games...

Boardgamegeek.com : Hands down the best and most complete online resource for finding out about hobby and Eurogames.  Sign up for an account, become involved in some of the communities.  Look at the pages for the games you buy or are considering buying.  There will be forums for discussing the rules, links to videos of reviews and how-to-play.  Use the lists to find games you want to play.

Dice Tower Network:  The Dice Tower Network has an extensive set of audio and video podcasts about hobby and Eurogames.  I subscribe to many of their video podcasts in YouTube.  It's a way to stay informed about all things games.You might enjoy the videos from Tom Vaelor the Game Boy Geek.

Watch It Played:  Watch it Played is a YouTube channel I have found to be good introductions on how to play games.  The approach is clear and light-hearted.

Where can I buy hobby or Eurogames?

Online:  There are a number of sites I use for buying games online.This list is NOT in any kind of preference order.

  • Funagain Games:  Funagain has some good suggestion lists by different criteria.  I will look at the list, then look the game up in Boardgamegeek.com.
  • Noble Knight:  I use Noble Knight when I'm looking for particularly hard to find games.
  • Amazon:  For many common hobby and Eurogames, you can find good prices on Amazon.

Local stores:  I do like to support the local game stares and will try to buy from them on a regular basis.

  • Boardwalk Hobby Shop:  1032 Delta Ave, Cincinnati, OH  45208.  (513) 871-2110 (map).  I've been buying from this store for over 25 years.
  • Gateway Games and More:  960 Kennedys Landing, Cincinnati, OH 45245. (513) 843-4999 (map).  I don't know this store.  It's on the southeast side of Cincinnati.
  • Sci-Fi City:  9501 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45251 (Northgate Mall). (513) 245-9105 (map). They have a reasonable collection games.
  • Rockin' Rooster Comic & Games:  5000 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238. (513) 661-7625 (map). I don't know this sthop.  It's on the west side of Cincinnati

There are a fair number of stores in Dayton as well.  A quick Google map search on "board games Dayton" will list them.  I haven't shopped at any of them.

How do I start?

Look through the lists on BoardGameGeek for ideas.  Things you can look for:

  • theme
  • mechanism
  • category
  • cooperative or competitive
  • number of players

I find that if you start with something that might interest you, the better the initial experience.  

A second approach is to just pick one of the traditional "gateway" games.  Here are some of my favorite gateway games to introduce new players to hobby gaming (linked to the appropriate page on BGG).

Once you find a game, then play.  Don't get hung up on playing all the rules exactly right.  Read through the rules or watch an online how-to video then play.  Reference the rules as needed, but don't enjoy the experience, then re-read the rules after playing a few games.  As someone mentioned during the last class, they didn't realize they had been playing a rule wrong in Pandemic until after they played the iPad app.  I'm sure it did not lessen the fun they had in all their prior plays.